Google Maps HTML Embed with Multiple Locations and Custom Markers (Free!)

Andrew Musholt
4 min readJun 18, 2022


Google Maps HTML Embed — multiple locations + custom markers

While the regular Google Maps feature will not let you do multiple locations and the Google Maps API costs money, there is a 3rd alternative that is FREE and very easy to set up.

Here is how you can obtain a custom Google Maps HTML embed with multiple locations and custom markers:

1 — Make sure you are signed in on Google Maps

You will need a Gmail/Google Account to do this. You should see your profile on the upper-right hand corner of Google Maps once you are logged in:

2 — Click the menu in the upper right

3 — Click “Your Places”

4 — Click the “Maps” tab, then “See All Your Maps”

5 — Click “Create a New Map”

6 — Name your “Layer”

A layer is just a way to “group” 1 or more locations. For now we will just keep it simple with 1 layer.

7 — Type your 1st business address and press Enter

8 — Now click “+ Add to Map”

Don’t worry, we will replace that awful green icon in a second!

9 — Click the paint bucket (“Styles”) icon

10 — Click “more icons”, then “Custom Icon”

You can use one of the icons provided by Google if you like, but I recommend uploading your own logo instead!

11 — Upload an image/logo from your PC

This address will now show your very own custom icon!

12 — Add a 2nd address if you want

13 — Repeat the same steps as before, and you will now see 2 addresses in your list

You can keep adding addresses as you see fit!

14 — Click “Share” and name your map

15 — Make sure all 3 toggles are activated

16 — Click the 3 dots, then “Embed on my site”

17 — Copy and paste the provided HTML into your website

And that’s all! You now have a Google Maps embedded into your site, featuring multiple locations and custom markers!

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